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Search engine optimised websites

Rob Nelson Fabrication (

Meadowlark Technology(

Dancecentral (

Bell Gears (

DanceCentral (

BPH Engineering (

Dawton Engineers - horizontal boring specialist (

Conveyor Component (

Sliding head services (

Fibre Optic Equipment Manufacturer (

CWM Engineering (

This is just a sample of the sites we have search engine optimised, if there is a particular industry sector in which you are interested, let us know. The approach is the same regardless of the sector. If you have a product or service that you wish to present to new customers, there is no better means of publicising that capability than via the web as it knows no bounds. Sites we optimise via Google are often visible to customers beyond national boundaries.

The Search Engine Friendly Website Approach

To produce a website that web users can readily find, we work with the website owner to produce a compelling site with carefully structured and presented content. Web users want to type a meaningful search term in Google and see a list of potential suppliers of that product or service. They need evidence that the listed supplier has expertise in that area, and that there is no risk associated with any investment they may undertake. A website that looks professional, and clearly indicates the owners expertise fulfils these criteria. There are plenty of examples of websites that do not however.

Websites often fail users for two reasons: