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Search Engine Friendly Websites for Sheffield

Search engine optimised websites for Sheffield businesses

"The web has become a lucrative business funnel, bringing business to service and product providers around the world. These are often new markets that are, through the web, suddenly accessible to new players. It was once only sponsors of big marketing campaigns with big budgets that could give their producsts and services the exposure that they needed, but now everything is up for grabs, and this exposure need not be expensive."

The search engine friendly approach as exemplified in Sheffield works in the following way:

A customer approaches us with a product or service they want to introduce to a buying market. We thoroughly investigate the market, we look for competitors, complementary goods, and services, and applications, and websites of successful businesses.

The degree of competition in this field tells us how much time and effort we (and the customer) will need to invest to make the endeavour a success. Producing a search engine optimised site in a highly competitive area like “cheap flights” for example will require that optimisation efforts will need to be broad and deep. Each web page will need to be carefully constructed. It will need to be syntactically correct, mobile friendly and well written.

Why does a search engine friendly website need to be well written?

Remember the goal: to bring custom to a business requires that the customer can find the business, and that the website that draws them to it is of such quality that the customer is happy to part with their cash. Missing links, or images or badly worded prose are not good enough.

But why does the customer have to invest time in ensuring that the search engine friendly project is a success?

Poor content will deter potential customers. The most common mistake is to present sub standard photographs of the offered products or services. Taking a quick snap of samples from your last production run with your mobile may not be enough to coax customers to buy. Perhaps the work of a professional photography might tip the balance. And what about your Facebook or instagram presence? You might be told that a live Facebook account is essential for a thriving web based business, but if the content posted on social media is poor, then perhaps it would be better to focus efforts elsewhere.

The Search Engine Friendly Approach (Search Engine Optimisation)

Creating a search engine friendly website is what I call a ‘pull” technique. If you do it well, customers will come to you.. The following is a good example of how we work

A Sheffield company that produces extension wear plates approached us to improve the visibility of their products world wide.

We took a large number of photographs of their products and carefully put together a website showcasing their work. We made it clear what they did, and what they were offering.

We then uploaded the web site and fine tuned it until it was indexed by Google and ultimately it ranked high on Google listings. We monitored the site weekly and if it dipped off the first page of Google for the term "Extension wear plates" we tweaked the site to nudge it back up the listings.

From this attention to detail and hard work we were able to locate the A search engine friendly website website firmly on the first page of Google listings. We did the job so well that the site is also optimised on other key terms.

The site has remained in this desirable position, under the noses of potential customers for a number of years. Perhaps we can help your business too. Contact us at Meadowlark if you have a product or service that the world should know about.

The Search Engine Friendly Website Approach

The web is everywhere. We use it to find everything and anything, including our lifelong partners. The emphasis is now on the mobile market, because we are never without our mobile phones. And so we prioritise truly mobile friendly of sites. All our search engine friendly websites are mobile friendly take a look at the sites of our competitors. Try resizing the web page whilst viewing the site on a large monitor. As the browser shrinks in size this mimics the behavour of smaller devices like tables and mobile phones. You may see the so called mobile friendly site become unusable at certain window sizes (resolutions).

Searech engine friendly website example Search engine friendly website example